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About Us


History of Fountain of Health

What is the Fountain of Health™?

The Fountain of Health™ is a Canadian non-profit initiative started at Dalhousie University Department of Psychiatry in 2011. The Fountain of Health is dedicated to sharing the science of brain health and resilience and to translating that knowledge into practical action. The Fountain of Health offers tools for clinicians to use in frontline care to invite and support health behavior change in 6 key health areas known to support long-term wellbeing.

Our mission is to share knowledge about the science of wellbeing and behaviour change, and offer training and tools to translate science into action.

Our vision is to share wellbeing science to help people to thrive at all stages of life.

The Fountain of Health’s guiding principles are to:

  • Offer evidence-based information and tools that are minimal, effective and user-friendly
  • Help individuals to promote wellbeing and optimal aging
  • Help organizations to promote wellbeing among members
  • Offer clinician resources and tools to promote wellbeing in themselves and their patients
  • Be inclusive and relevant for a diversity of people

The Fountain of HealthTM is not a mental health service provider.     
If you are in crisis call 911 or Canada’s Suicide Crisis Helpline at 988,
or visit your local emergency department.

Our History

The Fountain of Health™ was founded in 2010 by Dr. Keri-Leigh Cassidy, Professor of Psychiatry at Dalhousie University in the Nova Scotia Health Authority. The Fountain of Health™ is a pioneer initiative in Canada called “Positive Psychiatry” dedicated to the science and practice of promoting wellbeing across the lifespan. The Fountain of Health™ was established as a national non-profit organization in 2016.  The Fountain of Health™ materials were disseminated to over 2000 clinicians in 2019. To learn more, click here.

The Fountain of Health™ initiative has evolved in phases as follows:

Phase 1

2010 to 2012

Initiated by Geriatric Psychiatry Department at Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia, and funded by the Mental Health Foundation of Nova Scotia, Phase 1 was focused on older adults, thirteen different provincial organizations serving seniors were brought together on the topic of seniors mental health promotion.  The organization agreed to collaborate together with the goal of increasing public awareness about the new science of brain and optimal aging.  

Phase 2

2013 to 2014

Led by Caregivers of Nova Scotia and Geriatric Psychiatry at Dalhousie, and funded by Department of Health and Wellness and the Department of Seniors, academic, non-profit and government organizations worked together to develop five, evidence-based mental health related messages on brain health and optimal aging, vetted by advisory board of older adults and shared by webpage.  In 2014 national collaborators joined the effort including the Mental Health Core Working Group and Advisory Board and our first clinician educational resources were developed.

Phase 3

2015 to 2016

The focus in Phase 3 was national and international expansion. With funding from the Department of Seniors and a New Horizons grant, two pilot projects were implemented: 1) Family Physician engagement project and 2) Workshop project. The website was revised, an educational video developed, and materials were disseminated and shared nationally and internationally. Positive Psychiatry Section of the World Psychiatric Association and a National Leadership Team was established - see Our People. The World Aging and Brain Health Institute was founded to synergize research in Fountain of Health topics, hosting the first International Think Tank on Optimal Aging. The Fountain of Health was highlighted as a keynote address at the 2016 25th anniversary Canadian Academy of Geriatric Psychiatry Annual Scientific Meeting, and at the 2017 Canadian Conference on Dementia.

Phase 4

2017 to 2018

Phase 4 focused on sustainability, funding, and expanding the Fountain of HealthTM message across all age groups and the development of The Wellness App. With two competitive grants from the Canadian Centre for Aging and Brain Health Innovation (CCABHI) and one from the Nova Scotia Health Research Foundation, our behaviour change tools and The Wellness App are being shared in frontline care across Canada. Dissemination of lifestyle change tools in individual and workshop formats, and sustainability funding, are current priorities.

Phase 5

2020 to 2022

In Phase 5, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Fountain of Health’s mission shifted from “Brain Health” and “Optimal Aging” to a larger focus on “Thriving” and “Wellbeing”. Fountain of Health’s “THRIVE © Approach to Wellbeing” targets a wide audience. In 2022, the Fountain of Health “Thrive Learning Centre” was launched to offer wellbeing webinars, training and tools for individuals, organizations and clinicians. In 2021-22, the “Thrive MD Physician Wellness Program” was offered in collaboration with Doctors Nova Scotia, funded by the Affinity Fund (CMA, Scotiabank and MD Management).

Phase 6

2023 to Present

In Phase 6, the “THRIVE © Approach to Wellbeing” was integrated as a central feature of all Fountain of Health offerings, and across all age groups. Fountain of Health also partnered with Wellness Together Canada to offer educational webinars and workshops to older adults across Canada.The educational webinars included a 1-hour introduction called “Art and Science of Aging Well”, a 4-week “Optimal Aging Workshop”, and a 1-hour booster called “ THRIVE with Self-Compassion”.This exciting chance to share the science of wellbeing across Canada supports our Fountain of Health team to meet our mission!

If you are interested in donating to the initiative, please click here or contact us at

What is the Thrive Learning Centre?

Launched in Spring 2022, Fountain of Health’s “Thrive Learning Centre” helps people learn how to put wellbeing science into action in their lives, to help people to thrive. The Thrive Learning Centre is a knowledge translation project of the Fountain of Health sharing our wellbeing tools, training and support more widely.

Our Thrive Learning Centre offers training and tools for individuals including older adults and caregivers, for organizations, training and resources for all clinicians, and Thrive MD, a special wellness program for physicians. Our resources include courses, webinars and The Wellness App.

To learn more, watch our 4 - minute video:

The Thrive Learning Centre shares  
the THRIVE © Approach to Wellbeing

The Thrive Learning Centre shares the THRIVE © Approach to Wellbeing

What does it mean to “thrive”?

Definition: To thrive means to grow, flourish; To progress toward or realize (a) goal(s) -- despite or because of circumstances. – Merriam- Webster Dictionary

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted all our lives. These changes are stressful and also an opportunity to reflect on what matters most. The Fountain of Health developed the “THRIVE © Approach of Wellbeing” to integrate the science of wellbeing, preventative medicine, coping, behaviour change and optimal aging to help people thrive, even in these stressful times.

Learn about the Fountain of Health’s THRIVE © Approach to Wellbeing, including two new domains (Healthy Eating and Valued Goals). See below: