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About Thrive Learning Centre


Thrive Learning Centre

What is the Thrive Learning Centre?

Launched in Spring 2022, Fountain of Health’s “Thrive Learning Centre” helps people learn how to put wellbeing science into action in their lives, to help people to thrive. The Thrive Learning Centre is a knowledge translation project of the Fountain of Health sharing our wellbeing tools, training and support more widely.

Our Thrive Learning Centre offers training and tools for individuals including older adults and caregivers, for organizations, training and resources for all clinicians, and Thrive MD, a special wellness program for physicians. Our resources include courses, webinars and The Wellness App.

To learn more, watch our 4 - minute video:

Our Thrive Learning Centre offers resources and education for individuals, organizations and clinicians on how to put wellbeing science into action.

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