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A Positive Thinking Exercise


What does your age really mean?

Age might be “just a number” but can you think of any advantages to being the age you are, with the life experience you have gained?

Example: Things I like about being my age are:

I find I handle stress better- I don’t get as upset anymore

I don’t get as bothered by “the little things” in life

I really know myself, and what I value

I accept myself more than when I was younger

I am accept others more, handle differences better

I make better decisions in general

I have more leisure time, time for myself

I know what I enjoy and make time for pleasure and enjoyment

I love being a grandparent

Since retirement I have more time for friends and for exercise

Positive thinking is so important, but we can get caught up in the negatives instead!

Example: Things I am grateful for:

My family

Sunny days

My health

I was able to decorate my house the way I like

My opportunity to attend school.

My sense of humour

Being able to tell stories about the places I have been and the things I have done

My good friend Janet

My closeness with my grandchildren

The book I am reading

The adventures I have had


It turns out that our happiness can increase when our daily actions line up closely with our values.

Changing behaviors can be a challenge-we tend to keep following old habits, even the ones that are not healthy. One way to make a change is to think about we value most in life-then we can see if our actions match up to our beliefs.

Example: What I value most in life:

Spending time with my family

My health

Being kind to others

Being with my friends

Do your daily activities support your values?